Anticipated Spontaneity

Always dodge the pressures of blinded normality; for our time in this life is oh so short.

Do not fear to embrace beautiful thoughts because someone else thought of them first.
— "St. Germain," St. Germain on Alchemy (via cosmic-rebirth)

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wow I remember when all Hannah could do was shit and sleep and cry and I would hold her and feed her formula out of a glass bottle from the hospital and I would help bathe her in the sink and complain about how I wish she would just do something and stop being so boring and now she’s like too cool for life and smells bad and has braces like she’s way too cool and she’s almost eleven wow

where the fuck does the time go i’m almost twenty 


high school more like sigh school

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later is the best time to do anything

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Ab-Soul - Hunnid Stax (feat. ScHoolboy Q)


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Looking up to the legends
Thinking should I be intoxicated
Or come with a style that’s more complicated
- Dougie DL


"so how is school going?"


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Her: “So you not gonna chase me?”



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King Of The Fall - The Weeknd

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why are cats always so relaxed when the government is a mess

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Things I will not judge you for:
•Clothing choices

Things I will judge you for:
•Not signalling while driving
•How you treat wait staff
•Which way you think the toilet roll goes

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